World Today: 2015-04-19 Sunday

Global:  Terror attacks claim lives in Baghdad, Jalalabad. A series of bombings ripped through Baghdad on Friday, mainly targeting public places and killing at least 40 people, Iraqi officials said.’  A car bomb detonated in the southwestern Amil neighborhood, followed by another in the the eastern, mainly Shi’a neighborhood of Habibya.  Another bomb exploded in Sahwa in southern Baghdad.  No group immediately claimed responsibility but it is suspected that Islamic State is behind the attacks.  Meanwhile, ‘a motorcycle-riding suicide bomber attacked a bank branch Saturday in eastern Afghanistan, killing at least 35 people in a deadly attack the country’s president said was claimed by the Islamic State group.’

Iraq:  Iraqi forces gain ground in fight for Baiji refinery.  Officials said Iraqi government forces had recaptured most of the oil refinery at Baiji in Salah al-Din province in north-central Iraq.  ‘A spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition fighting Islamic State said troops had recaptured all of Baiji refinery at 11:30 GMT (7.30 a.m. EDT), but officials in Salahuddin, the province where it is located, said there was still fighting around some facilities.

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