Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival to End

Victoria Brownworth at Curve:

It is the end of an era.

Some say that’s a good thing.

Others see it as one more erasure of lesbian cultural autonomy.

The era ending is that of the decades-long women-only festival known as MichFest, which turns 40 this August. While MichFest has never been promoted as a lesbian event, it has always been promoted as a women-only event and there’s no question that it has been a majority lesbian event since its inception.

This is why MichFest has been so vital to lesbian community. And also why for a good half of its existence MichFest has been mired in controversy.  …

It was controversial because of the festival’s stated policy of being open exclusively to “womyn-born-womyn”, i.e. no transgender people of any stripe welcome.  This became increasingly a point of conflict in an increasingly trans-inclusive feminist/lesbian community, and led to calls to boycott MWMF. 

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