World Today: 2015-04-26 Sunday

Nepal:  Earthquake kills more than 1800. Nepal ramped up efforts on Sunday to rescue people trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings after an earthquake devastated the heavily crowded Kathmandu valley, killing at least 1,832, and triggered a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest.’

Iraq / Jordan:  Daesh car bombs hit border post, kill four.  ‘Three suicide car bombs exploded at a border crossing between Iraq and Jordan on Saturday, killing four soldiers, a witness and an Iraqi border police source said, in an attack claimed shortly afterwards by Islamic State. …’

Iraq:  Daesh captures base, dam in Thar Thar.  ‘The Islamic State seized control of a dam and overran a military barracks in the Thar Thar area in western Iraq over the past several days. Over 120 Iraqi soldiers and a senior general were killed during the Islamic State offensive.’

Israel:  Vehicular attack in eastern Jerusalem injures three.  According to police, “A Skoda car drove from the direction of the Mount of Olives cemetery to the Mukased Hospital. At the Salman al-Farsi junction it drove onto the pavement and hit three policemen. Shots were fired at the car, that kept on driving down Salman al-Farsi. The area was combed and the car that struck the policemen was located. The search continues for the terrorist.”  This follows Saturday’s stabbing attack in Hevron.

Russia / USA:  Hackers viewed Obama’s unclassified emails – NYT.  ‘Russian hackers who penetrated sensitive parts of the White House computer system last year read President Barack Obama’s unclassified emails, the New York Times reported on Saturday, quoting U.S. officials.’  The article added that the President’s email account itself was not breached, and that the compromised messages may have included ‘email exchanges with diplomats, exchanges about personnel moves and legislation, presidential schedules and discussion about policy.